Mastering React

I am setting up the development environment for React. While installing " create-react-app@1.5.2 it’s bringing the above error. What should I do please.?

Because 1.5.2 is 5 years old .

Likely it cannot solve some dependencies anymore or simply as the message suggest it is not supported.
Now note this is a warning so you may still be able to use it. It is just pointing out you’re trying to use an outdated version.
Current version is 5.0.1.

Having taken the course (and some others) I remember Mosh often says to make sure to use the same versions as him to ensure ou have the same experience. This idea can last pretty well for a good while but at some point, as time goes by, this will become unusable if not unavailable at all.

You’ll have to update to current versions anyway. Just go with the latest. You’ll certainly have new problems to solve because of that. Mostly technology have changed and you need to learn anew. For instance React Router starts using hooks as of version 6. What you learn in the course is no more too relevant outside of general culture (and many existing projects may still use those old versions).

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Thanks alot… I guess I have to install the new version and solve more problems lol.:muscle:

I have used “npx i -g create-react-app” and has worked