Mastering Next.js 13 with TypeScript

In which chapters does Mosh covers the creation for the Full Stack that he talked about in the intro? am i missing something

It will be present in 2nd part.
If you bought the course at discounted price, you will get it for free.
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My bad, I guess i did not pay attention that Part II is not finished yet. I will be looking forward for the release date.

Mosh shared recently on Twitter that part 2 can be expected in early October.

Any one has knowlege on when the Tracker project with next js will be online.

Did anybody face the issue with installing the dependencies for ‘react-email’ when doing (npm run preview-email)?

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yes…only issue with mac users

same here, got confused with part 2, it was unexpected that it’s not out yet.

But part 1 is great, though we are not building issue tracker as promised when I was buying access :rofl:

But Mosh is so good we can forgive him for that, hopefully part 2 will be out soon

The part 2 is live!

go to and search for Next courses

I sure did too! Been trying to sort it out for days now… I get this when clicking the WelcomeTemplate email:

Attempted import error: 'renderToReadableStream' is not exported from 'react-dom/server' (imported as 'renderToReadableStream').

When I install react-email (and its components) to a brand new project, i have no issue previewing emails but I’ve found multiple people encountering issues with that module in existing NextJS 14 projects. It seems like the react-email team is pretty slow to repro and fix on their end.

Also I’m far from being a pro with NPM and how to sort out versions/dependencies to make things match without the gears grinding. I’m open for any suggestion people have around here!

I’m on PC and I’m running into the following error on npm run preview-email and clicking the WelcomeTemplate file on the left-hand list of emails to preview.

Attempted import error: 'renderToReadableStream' is not exported from 'react-dom/server' (imported as 'renderToReadableStream').

This generous soul provided a solution that worked for me: