Getting error message in "Sending Emails - 3. Creating an email template" section

I am getting this error after running “npm run preview-email” when clicking to preview email :

Failed to compile

Attempted import error: ‘renderToReadableStream’ is not exported from ‘react-dom/server’ (imported as ‘renderToReadableStream’).

This error occurred during the build process and can only be dismissed by fixing the error.

Me too. Tried to uninstall and set the version for “@react-email/components” and “react-email” to same versions as video, and reinstall, but it does not seem to help

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OK, reading this thread:

Someone came up with a solution:

  1. In the folder “.react-email” delete package-lock.json and yarn.json
  2. Still in same folder in package.json set “@react-email/render” to version “0.0.9”
  3. Delete folder “node_modules”
  4. In terminal run “npm i” to reinstall it all

Hope this helps someone else :blush:


Did it work after doing the steps you mentioned?

I still have the same issue even after completing the above steps.

It works after changing the Next version from package.json:

“next”: “14.0.2”,

“next”: “13.4.13”,

then run, npm i

In some of the google search result for this issue, I saw people were mentioning that. I check Mosh project , the version was 13.4.13. So I tried it with this version and it works.

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Sure helped me! Thank you SO MUCH!