Next.js Course + Data fetching libraries

Hi Mosh!

I hope you are well.

I was wondering if you have any plans of creating a course on Next.js?

Although it’s React and Javascript (or Typescript) I would love to learn Next.js in depth by building some project following you!

I would also be very interested in learning some of the new data fetching libraries like SWR (and URQL would be cool too)

Thank you so much for all you’ve created! I’m very grateful for all I have learned thanks to you.



I am grateful for all energy and passion and quality Mosh has integrated into React coursem which I am benefiting from it till now I also would like to ask him if he will be releasing Next.js course soon ?!

Best regards

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38 views has this topic, but no support or comment ? if you do have the same request, show up with comment or like, so that Mosh would get attracted and consider this request … appreciate it !

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In the meantime, to anyone interested in learning Next.js, I found this course by Brad Traversy to be really good:

I hope it helps!


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