Looking for more exercises

Is there a place where I can find more exercises on the topics learned in the basic HTML5 & CSS3 courses? I would like to exercise a lot before part 2 and 3 of the course

If you have Microsoft word or similar application then you could save out a document you created, or use a template. Most of those style applications will let you save out as an HTML file. You can use this as a way to practice adding HTML, and writing css rules to alter it. Cheap and you’re only limited to your imagination.

You could browse FreeCodeCamp, or any number of similar sites for projects. Also, there are free premade site templates that you could download, just Google for “HTML templates”.

This is a fun way to practice css selectors
CSS Diner

I should also mention that MDN has a lot of courses that you can practice. You can also sign up for free on their forum, which you can post the completed assignments for review
Good luck

Thanks a lot, MTownsend for your suggestions.