**Live Server** is not opening javascript file automatically

Hi everybody! I would to know the solution for this issue. Live Server not opening javascript file automatically. Live Server only open the folder where the file is, and this on the URL :

And that path is only the path to the folderVisual_Studio_Code which the folder that has the file Javascript_block_game.js

Normally if it is working you will read
on the URL Chrome browser path

Is there a way to fix this? I what is the reason this is happening?

Thank you in advance!



Here is a screenshot:
Live_Server_Issue_1strong textstrong text

This may not be helpful but from what I know you don’t open live server with JS, you link a html file to the JS file you want to use then open live server to the html file

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thank you theorion. I found out that about an hour ago. I was not aware of that. Cheers

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Also following the standards and conventions I’d suggest to have an index.html file which includes the given javaScript entry point to your App :slight_smile:

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