"Live Reload Enabled"

Greetings from Mexico to all of you!!

I am completing the first exercise in the JS course and I am ALMOST done.

What is left for me to understand is the legend “Live Reload Enabled” right after “Hello World” in the Console. (See capture).


Could anyone please tell me what it means and why it is popping up ? (it does not in Mosh’s video). Can it be turned off ?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

I’m new to this too but from what I see it should show up only once when you open the window for the first time.

Did you try right-clicking on it and selecting “clear console”? Does the message come back after updating the file?

Edit: I’m not sure what makes this message appear in the first place (likely extension) but I would also recommend updating both Chrome and VSC

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Thanks a lot for your help. I had not paid attention to those details. I will do so in my next session.

Thanks again.

That’s simply a message from Live Server telling you that it will refresh the page as soon as you save changes to a file in your project.

Thanks Sam. There is no harm. I was just wondering whether it can be turned off.

The message is only shown one per Live Server instance. Why would you want to turn it off?

You are right. I will ignore it.