Course Help- how to view live console

I’m brand new and I just started the Ultimate JavaScript course.

I can’t seem to understand how to get the live console to come up so I can see my code in real time like Mosh is doing in the video on VS code

Can someone please help. Thanks!

What mosh is doing is he linked his JS script to a html file, then in vs code you can right click the html file and run as live server (this is why it’s a good idea to do html/css first there are a few things he explains in one but not the other it’s like a prerequisite but some people say you can learn JS first i’m kinda new too).


I ended up figuring it out. The needed to wrap my index.js code in the HTML side.

I went through a few HTML lessons on khan academy but then I decided to buy Mosh’s course and focus on JS first.