Difficulty practicing what is being thought

Hi guys, can you help a brother out pls.
working on the index.js, i can not practice what mosh is teaching. And this is making learning quite uninteresting for me.
I have to be able to set up my screen to look like what I am learning from . so I can have maximum comprehension .
But each time I do the console.log thing and saved, i’m unable to preview the action like mosh does.
i have even uninstall and reinstall the node. or do I have problem with my downloaded node?

Do you mean you want to make your terminal tab to look just like Mosh’s?

And which operating system and version are you running?

I am using windows 10 , and yes bro .
I want my terminal(or my workspace) to look like mosh’s.
Like when he does for example
Console.log(a+b) and he saves it, he’s able to preview the result at the right side of the screen, i’m unable to view that, nor am i able to view it on the microsoft edge search engine.

And i followed the instruction from js lesson 3
The only thing i have on my ms edge is Hello World.

attached is a screen shot of how my work environment look like

Thanks guys, its just funny, all I had to do is to resize the Ms edge browser window and the lecture window to both fit my screen…
that is what I did and I got what I wanted.