Unable to find node terminal in VS Code

Hello Everyone

From Moshs Java script code, chapter 6, “Javascript in Node” I am facing a couple of issues

  • My node window has a different appearance and I get a syntax error while trying to retrieve the folder in node (timeline on video - 00:00:51)

  • Do not have integrated terminal as an option in VS Code as presented in the video (00:01:08)

Attaching screenshots of my node command prompt and the view menu of VS code.

Appreciate your assistance


What command did you run and get a syntax error? Keep in mind that you are running in PowerShell on Windows. Mosh is probably using bash or zsh on macOS, and the commands may be different.

If you have the option to run the Windows Subsystem for Linux you may want to try that out. This lets you run a Linux OS on Windows, and it’s nice because the commands will be the same as what Mosh uses. If you go that route, make sure to install the “Remote - WSL” extension in VS Code.

That’s not a matter

reinstall VS code

and run the command:

node index.js

in the javascript directory