Java Script part 1( couldn't open folder in command prompt)

help when i opened command prompt i couldnt open the Js.basics folder to connect Node. pls help


Do you mean command prompt in Visual Studio Code?
Is Node installed? Try node --version
Are you in de correct folder with the javascript file?

Didnt know Visual studio code had command prompt, am talking about lesson 6 Java Script in Node. Dont know how to open command prompt to access folder like Mosh did. i tried opening command prompt on my pc but its also not working. i need to connect folder to Node … could pls direct me on how to do this please?

What editor do you use? In Studio Visual Code you can switch to terminal screen. In this terminal screen you can move to folder by cd command and than execute node command. Of course you have to install Node.

But Node isn’t important for this Javascript course so you can skip this chapter.

i use visual code… i only wanted to know how he did it.


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I was a little confused at first because he makes it look quick and easy but don’t use the $ sign if you’re on windows. Hit crtl ` to bring up terminal in Visual studio code (you should have index.js open in Visual studio code). Mine says C:\Users\Name\Documents\Code\JS-Basics>

Now type node index.js next to it. (Space after the JS-Basics>)

Using the terminal in VS Code is no different.