How to get Browser console inside VS Code

I am watching Mosh’s JavaScript Course, it looks like Mosh is using a browser console inside VS Code, but I am not able to get that. Could anyone help me out?

I got it, Mosh is not using any vs code extension for the browser console, he just undocked the chrome console and used the split window option to set them side by side.

ai think the edge extension works it just broadcasts the console in a vscode window but you need to use edge and not chrome (the console is the same tho)

Hi @Ale, I tried the edge extension as well, it broadcasts the browser window, but the console option is not there, so it is useful to work on HTML and not on JavaScript console logs, we don’t have the console option at all.

But one more thing that I understood is, not only chrome, even other browsers like edge and firefox provide the option to undock the console.

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yea you can unlock the console on (I think) almost every browser allows that

So how does Mosh do what he does? How can I run my code from VSCode in a browser console? I know only of how to copy paste the entire code into the console to get it there, not how to save a file in VSCode and have it run in a console.

Does anyone know how to do what Mosh is doing?

I saw somewhere in this forum that he just undocked the console from the browser and put them side-by-side.

Then I found this article, which seems to work for the version of Chrome browser I am using:

Here’s the click path I am using:

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