Lesson 43 Pushing to github

Hi Everyone. I am quite new. So I hope my posting here is ok.

I am having trouble pushing to github in lesson 43 of the HTML course part 3. I have included pictures of the error message, my file tree, and my .gitignore file.

What is happening is that terminal is trying to upload the source content .psd files. I removed the source content folder from my project file tree but the error is still happening. I added “Source Content” to .gitignore but the problem still persists.

Do you have any suggestions?

I can only embed one image file in this post so I have replied to it with the other two images.


Thank you for the response!

wow, crazy how hard it is to remove something from the repo. I can’t even find where it is since its already been staged. So now I have to abandon this whole course because i can not continue to follow the steps.

Since you haven’t (successfully) pushed yet it’s easy to remove the file via git means by resetting or rebasing. If you added the file in the very last commit and don’t have other changes in it that you want to keep, git reset --hard HEAD~1 should to the job. If you have other changes in the commit that you want to keep you can use --mixed instead of --hard and restage the changes you want to keep.

If you added the file in a former commit you can undo that via rebasing.

I have no idea though if you can do all within VSCode without an additional plugin. (BTW: Of course I was talking nonsense in a hurry this morning in my previous post so I deleted that).

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