Commit not responding

my commit is not responding when i want to commit the code to git

Hi Hayor555!

What course are you taking?
What is your operating system?
Are you using an IDE? If so what IDE?
Do you have any experience using Git?
Do you have a GitHub account?
Did you install Git on your machine?


i am taking html and css
i dont have much experience using git
yes i have github account
yes i have installed git on my machine

What IDE are you using?
Is Git integrated into this IDE?

i am using vs code
from the picture below each time i click the commit that is the tick does not respond…i want to commit the code to git
thank you and kind regards

You must stage changes before you commit them.
In VSCode: At / Changes, stage all of your updates. Then enter a commit message and commit.

From the terminal
$ git add .
$ git commit -m “this is my comment msg”

thank you it now works

Hello good afternoon

Pls can you help me look into this error…I am always getting error of A COMPLETE LOG OF THIS RUN CAN BE FOUND IN…

Because I want to install parcel as a third party dependency