Keystrokes for speed

Hey everyone,

I’m watching the videos and marvelling in how fast Mosh is moving to the front of a line, to the end and so forth so quickly.

What keystrokes is he using? Home to get to the beginning and End to get to the end of a line, or is there some easier keystroke?

Thanks for any assistance

Hi yes you can use home and end for lines, if you press ctrl end or home you can go to the beginning or end of the file, which often comes in handy

Hi! on Mac - command + arrow to left/right button. To select whole line - Command + shift + direction arrow. To jump one part or one word - Command + option + direction arrow(select with added shift).
Unfortunately I don’t know it for windows, but I think it will be similar.
also! this isn’t VSC exclusive - you can use these commands to navigate anywhere :slight_smile: enjoy

Perfect, thanks

Gotta practice and break the bad habits.

Lex’s interview with Guido van Rossum, Guido mentioned he hunts and pecks, while Lex [ uses the Kinesis keyboard.

Mosh goes pretty fast.