Debugging Keys on MAC fn keys not working

Hello all, I am working on my first course and the keys Mosh recommends using to run the code and go line by line are not working on my Mac. I tried to google how to fix this but did not find the answer. fn F5 will run the program but I don’t know what to do instead of F10 to go line by line. Thank you in advance.

See those VSCode shortcuts PDF

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I figured out that I need to disable the Mac preset keyboard functions.


I suppose this may also be my issue - I’m on windows. all google results seem to relate more to disabling the Fn settings, not the default presets for F# keys. I believe disabling these is different for each manufacturer - Dell vs. HP vs. etc. I’ve tried a few things, so far F11 still just goes full screen.

But I’m also not seeing that yellow flag that shows up in the video on Mosh’s terminal.

If anyone else has any ideas… or knows how to solve this on a windows machine (I do need those presets for other things so I’ll need to be able to switch back and forth!)

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Not exactly the solution on VS Code, but when I was learning python, this website helped me tons:

You can see step by step code execution with very interesting graphics. It helped me a lot to understand what/why somethings happen.

I hope you find it useful :grimacing:


I will check it out thanks!