Help being sought - Debugging Icon

Just added to my list of problems this morning. Now I realised I do not have the Debugging icon on my VSCode. Would appreciate if anyone can help me unravel this mystery.

Just thinking I am probably using a different version of VsCode. like its completely different. The run is merged together with debug. Anybody know what version Mosh is using? Might be a good idea to use that during these lessons.

Just click Side Bar with right mouse button (double press touch bar of your laptop) and check the position you want to see :slight_smile:

Hi Adad,
First let me take this moment to thank you for reaching out. Now the problem is not that I cannot see the debugging. My problem is that I am not able to see its features based on Mosh’s lesson on debugging.

Sry. I’m not natively speaking english, so there was some misunderstanding from my side :slight_smile:

Try too fully reinstall VSC and try again. Try it also on different computer. Are you using PC or Mac? For what I know Mosh is using Mac. Sometimes it happens.

And I think while recording lessons Mosh was using an older version of VSC. There should be a way to solve this problem.

For last few days I was setting VSC for myself and almost everything is working well. Mostly I’m using PyCharm CE. Mosh is also using it on his YT channel, so I was confused using VSC in this course. But it’s good to know free, open-source program. It’s a pity that Mosh didn’t spend 1-2 lessons for installing and setting VSC to use almost the same program with a set of the same tools and settings.

I am not able to see the left side divisions… (variables, watch, callback etc)

Also clearly the version he is using is an older version. would be great to know how to solve this problem with the latest VSCode version, which is what I am using.

VSCode is tricky but I think over time we shall be able to competently use it.