VS code python debugger shortcuts not working


I’m currently making my way through the debugging lecture in the Python Mastery course. But NONE of the shortcuts work at all, and I can’t figure out how to move through the code line by line, so I have ended up having to skip it which is a shame.

Does anyone have any idea why the shortcuts don’t work for me? Is there perhaps a setting or something that needs to be changed? Failing that, any good YouTube links for teaching debugging in a way that doesn’t use the shortcuts?



Hi Rosie,

You dont have to use shortcuts at all to use the debugger on vscode. You can just use the buttons on the left panel to start the debugging and the arrow buttons on the top to step through / into your code line by line. In saying that the shortcuts should work, just hover it to get the shortcut and make sure to click into the window before pressing it. Did you remember to set your breakpoints? Take a look at this video to give you more insights on debugging.

Do let me know if you was able to get your debugger to work


If you’re using laptop make sure that your F buttons (F1,F2… etc.) are not configured to use FN key functionality like FN + F1 etc.

And you also can check your VS Code shortcuts here: