First Python Program

I’m new to this python course and just started.
I was watching video no. 5 “Your First Python Program”
Mosh was writing some code in Terminal but when I opened mine, there are some words in there already. So I can’t move on.
How can I be able to delete all of these words and start writing as Mosh did in the video?

Following. Mine says username@name-MBP (MacBook Pro) Hello World % and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get rid of that.

Same here. Not sure why

The text you see is called the command line. It is showing you your username, machine name and current directory. The flashing cursor at the end is the command prompt and is waiting for you to type in a command. Since most people are not sharing a computer while taking this course, the command line will show differently. The point of showing you this information is so you know what user you are logged in as, and where you are in the file system. This is very helpful for when you do not have a graphical shell(windows).

In short, type in what mosh types where the blinky cursor is. This is an old post but maybe helps others in the future that come across this post.

Click the + to the left of “powershell”, it’ll give you options for the language you want to use on the terminal.

on another note, vscode is great, but I personally find it fiddley when it comes to certain languages, esp if I have multiple installed. If you get into using Git(hub/lab) for version control pycharm or intelliJ are better (just my opinion)