Python begginer

Hi all, just started the Python beginner course.
When i run the code all
Works fine no errors but in the terminal give’s me too much information like user information and file location it always come together with the code result. It’s a bit annoying, could someone please help?

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Hi @Levi . Could you perhaps post a snippet of what you see on the terminal?

Hi here is a picture of the outcome

@Paul hi Paul, not sure if you have seen my reply. Here is the picture of the outcome, too much information, not sure if you could help?

@Levi it is difficult to see what lines these are since they are wrapped around on the terminal window. Can you make the terminal window a bit wider and show again? I would like to see what is displayed after the run command.

Hi @Paul here is a better picture

It will be better if you change your current working directory to where your app is ie

cd /Users/leventezsiga/Desktop/HelloWorld

Then you should be able to just do python3 If this does not work you need to make sure that python has been added to your PATH variable.

Hi @Paul, here is a picture of the video Mosh coding. You can see he is printing the course length, in the terminal you can see only the result as 18

If i do the same I get the result as 18 but a lot of other information too, I can’t attach two pictures so I upload an other reply with my result. I’ve tried everything from your last reply but no changes. Is there something in VSC settings I should do? Thank you

Hi @Paul here is the second picture with my results thanks :pray:

Just guessing, but you are looking a your “TERMINAL” tab while the video shows the “OUTPUT” tab.

Hi @SAM yes I’ve realised that but the terminal is what coming as default when i run code and if i click on output doesn’t shows anything. I’ve realised on Mosh coding in output on the right side it says code for me it says (Tasks) and I haven’t got the option to change to “code” here is a picture. Any idea what should i do? Thank you!

Ye, this looks like a VS Code setting. I use PyCharm so unfortunately I cannot help with this one!

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how the certificate looks like pls