Is "The Ultimate Redux Course" still relevant?

I am new to frontend. Just started the “React 18 for beginners” course. As a part of the Front-end development learning path, I see that “The Ultimate Redux course” succeeds the “React: Intermediate Topics” course.

Given that very recently both courses were updated to React 18, is the redux course still relevant? Or does it cater to the old React course(s) only?

I had to learn Redux for last couple of jobs. It involved a lot of boilerplate code and was quite confusing for something which should be simple (eg putting things in and out of storage). I used the reduxtoolkit on a recent personal project and was pleased with how it simplified things. However Mosh is emphasising nowadays that Context is great for avoiding prop-drilling, and that oftentimes using redux is like using a hammer to crack a walnut. So I would say concentrate on your React courses, especially since you say you are new to front-end, putting your time and effort into learning React well, will serve you better than getting into the intricacies of Redux. Leave Redux until you need it.

From where to learn the context ?

Mosh covers how to use Context in the intermediate React18 course. It is in the global state management section, lesson 5