React-Redux Course

Not a question but a comment about the redux course.

I have to say that I’ve been coding for 1 and a half years, I know redux and I want to go deeper into redux to improve my knowledge and … I was completely lost while taking the course.

Here is (for me) what is wrong with the course.

  • Too many files
  • Too many different way of coding that are not well segmented
  • I didn’t know what I was doing from “Middleware” anymore
  • Refactoring of the code but partial

Redux is already a big maze and I learned some things but I come out more lost than before

Maybe better separate the different ways to code a same component or see directly to code the right way
Or add more schemas
On the whole I am very satisfied with my purchases at Mosh but maybe there should be a more concise guideline on the redux course