I have been waiting for few days but no one help me

I post a help on forum but I have been waiting for 3 days without any response. I can not continue to study the course as the material is not fetched.

can anyone or the course creator support me? otherwise there is no customer service at all.

Not sure because I didn’t use iOS for MySQL, but from your MySQL Workbench could you check the server status (Click Server then Server Status) and ensure that it is running? If it is stopped, you have to start the server manually.

Hope it helps!

thanks for your reply.
unfortunately, I have checked everything, and it seems nothing wrong, reboot, restarted, updated… can not be solved.
like I said, it just not worked after two days off.
so really don’t know where is the problem and that’s why I need mosh to support, but they said they don’t support. you can see my another post on the forum.

Sorry that it hinders your learning experience, at this point probably my best suggestion would be to re-install SQL server, or try it on a different device.

problem has been solved from the support offline.
thank you for your reply.