HTML5 & CSS3 part 2 typography exercise solution

Hey guys, when I unzip the css solution file it shows that there are h1-h6 in the exercise solution. When I wrote my code I only needed h1, h2, and h3. I then inspected the solution page with dev tools and there are only three types of headers in the exercise. Where are the h4, h5, and h6 in this exercise?

They aren’t in the DOM because they are not used in the html file. As you already noticed you didn’t need them for the excercise. They are just styled in the css because it makes sense to have all headings consistently styled in case you use them later.

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Thankyou Sam! That makes sense after looking at and changing scale to perfect fourth. I didn’t read the fonts section after hints well enough.

•Use to determine the size of all headings (h1 to h6). durp

I understand now that writing them all out can/will help out later. Pretty sure Mosh mentioned that at some point earlier. Thanks again!