HTML and css course

Update: Mosh tweeted yesterday that the course is right around the corner, so it should be out within a few days. Maybe a week or two at the most.

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The preview is online:

Curious if the new HTML and CSS course will be made available in the All Access Subscription section?


I have the same problem.

Of course. The “all” in “All Access” means “all”.

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But I don’t have it yet!

Yes. Same problem here. Should Mosh be made aware of this ?

@Hamid-asna @Spark Read the thread! The course is not released yet.

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@SAM Mosh has linked the course on his website in the video description section under the free preview video of the course on YouTube.

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it’s already available!!! as Spark said

BTW, I have another question, Mosh does have any plan for teaching Sass?

You can already buy it (pre-order) but it’s not yet available.

I thought so but from a quick scan of the curriculums I didn’t see that (yet).

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You can buy already buy it but it’s not yet available.

I have the all-access subscription but it doesn’t appear to me!.
it’s already available on the above link that Spark inserted. But not included in the courses as normal.

No, it’s not yet available. The normal release cycle is announcement -> 1h preview on youtube -> release of the full course. It always leads to confusion, every time - but that’s the way it is. Just be patient - it’s only a matter of days until you can take the course with your all access subscription.


The courses are released and available now.


I have the “All Access” pass and am taking it right now. I look forward to asking and answering questions about it once the new category is set up in these forums.

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Yes, it’s available now. Thank you for following up on the problem :pray:

LOL, after 20 years of using it… I finally learned what the   was designed for. :slight_smile:


Can anyone else confirm if videos 18, 19, 27, and 34 are broken for the third part of this course?

yes, those are broken for me.