How to land my first job with Python

Hi all,

I thought that when I finished my Python course I would find a job. Now that I’m finding it hard to land my first job. They either want PHP/Golang/Odoo/Django,… and not a pure Python dev. You guys have any suggestion? I would appreciate it a lot.

Dai, I tyhink there there are two main problems facing you. The first is possibly a lack of commercial experience in IT development. In this regard, you may be applying for jobs alongside graduates who may have done a computer science course or something with a programming element. They will possibly have had exposure to a wider range of languages than you and may also have some coursework to demonstrate their achievements. The second problem is that you have a limited tool set when set against the other people applying for the same position.
If you have learnt Python, then learn Django and SQL to go with your existing knowledge. After that learning PHP, with possibly Laravel, should not be too difficult.
Try and find a project that you can use to showcase your skills. Then find another one! For example, there may be a guy on an industrial estate near you who does everything in Excel. Could you develop something that is better and adds value? This person probably doesn’t want what you do and he’s not going to pay you, but it is a place to start to find ideas. Address books, todo lists and the like are great to learn with but not so good if you want to show off!
I would suggest you keep learning and keep applying for jobs and don’t expect to find your dream job in the town where you live.

Hey there! Landing your first job with Python is an exciting journey. Here are some steps to consider:Networking: Attend local meetups, conferences, and online communities related to Python. Networking can lead to job opportunities.Online Courses: Consider online courses like Coursera, edX, or Codecademy to deepen your Python skills.Internships: Look for internships or entry-level positions. They can be a great stepping stone to your first job.Create a Resume: Craft a resume that highlights your Python skills, projects, and any relevant experience.Regarding sarkari yojana 2023, it’s worth exploring government schemes and initiatives that can support your job search or education. These programs can provide opportunities and financial assistance to help you achieve your career goals.

Hi you should decide first what field you want to get into with python then you can narrow down your jobs.

Web development or data science / machine learning are popular fields but you can also do things like: cyber security, scientific computing, networking and robotics