Tips on landing a job as a data analyst?


I am about halfway through the sql mastery course from Mosh and upon looking reddit, it seems that the first 50% of the sql course is good enough to land an entry level job. For an understanding of my current knowledge, I know how to use all my selects, order/group by, joins, groups, views, complex queries, views, stored procedures, retrieving, inserting data etc. I haven’t touched on triggers, learning how to design databases, and indexing for high performance.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop there as I will complete the course and try to really learn everything. Right now I am not only going through the course, but am also doing mini practices here and there from w3schools and sql zoo. I’m also taking the data analytics course from udemy, which includes on how to utilize tableau, and starting the python course from Mosh. (btw for anyone interested in the udemy course, I’ve found Mosh’s course on sql to be far superior in terms of basically everything.)

After completion of the courses or even during, what can I do to really land a job as a data analyst? The answer I know is pretty obvious as I’ve been seeing people saying either you can create your own project like making your own database and making data visualizations with it using powerBI/tableau, as well as practicing queries as you go along. But to be brutally honest, I’m not sure how to start this? I don’t know what database to use, how complex it should be, etc. Should I be learning excel as well? I’m a bit lost here and would seriously appreciate any advice from anyone who went through this or can provide insight. I’m located in New York, if that means anything in terms of job market here lol.

Thank you so much.

To become a data analyst you must have the required skills. Those would be SQL and Python, but also knowing advanced Excel commands can be of great help. I’d advise finishing the SQL course you got, it’s worth every minute, and do all the exercises. As for Python you have to know the basics such as functions and classes, then knowing how to use libraries as Numpy and Pandas.
A personal project is always good to have for two reasons: building skill and having something to show your employer (think of it as an artist’s portfolio).
To find a job try signing up on Linkedin and build up a strong profile. Then look up job opportunities in your area and contact the companies. If you build your network and have something to show you may even be contacted by a company for an interview opportunity.
I wish you good luck in your path of becoming a data analyst :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you very much Ana for the reply, I’m acutally currently fully stacked in SQL and already learned python with numpy and pandas. Just working on practicing manipulating data sets and then have to work on visualizations and will start a portfolio in the very near future!