How hard to learn SQL from scratch?

Hi folks,

I have zero programming experience, but I can do some basic things in HTML. I work in digital marketing so sometimes I need to analyse data. I’ve seen a job ad that asks the marketer to use SQL. So I want to take some online courses from this list. If you know how to learn fast, share pls your experience.

You do not need to understanding any programming language for SQL. It is a query language for transforming (manipulating) data in databases. It is for the most part pretty straight forward and user friendly. It can become a little tedious, as far as more complex queries, reporting and such.

It is very important to understand SQL and database design principles. You can transfer those skills to programming, if you ever want to go down the programming route. Most databases products have their own flavor of SQL that extend the language. I’d check what kinda of SQL (MySQL, noSQL, SQLserver…etc) is showing up the most in your area. Learn the SQL basics and then try to find material on those specific SQL products.

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In my current training we had 3 days on SQL.
You don’t need to know it all. Actually most of what is learnable is for DBA (Database Administrator). What users (aka likely devs) have to know isn’t even a 10th if not a 100th of the documentation.

I will give you a few pointers on what to look for if you want to learn on your own.

As a user there are several statement families:

  • DQL (Data Query Language: SELECT, HELP)
  • DML (Data Manipulation Language: INSERT, UPDATE,DELETE,…)
  • DDL (Data Definition Language: CREATE, ALTER, DROP)
  • DCL (Data Control Language: GRANT, REVOKE)

Depending what is expected you don’t even need to know DCL.
I believe you’ll be asked DQL and DML (focus on that).

In SELECT queries you shall know the difference concepts such as filtering with WHERE, grouping with… GROUP, aggregate filters with HAVING, aggregate functions, joins with … JOIN but also WHERE and nested SELECT.

In 3 days we did all that but talk DCL.
Now you will take longer on your own and that is normal.

You can watch videos, tutorials/courses, docs to help.

Good luck.