How to get the SQL course?

I’m want to finish my JS fullstack pathway with mosh, and SQL is like the last thing i need. The issue is this course never goes on sale and I want to own it but the standalone course is $150, expensive as hell.

I see that the only bundle it’s in is the fullstack .net bundle for $120 which is a good deal but i just have no interest right now in c# as i did the full JS route and want to finish my stack first and build on those skills before learning new languages.

So I could either:

  1. Watch his 3 hour youtube on sql to get a jumpstart then get the monthly plan but i won’t own the course and will probably spend like $50. I really like owning the courses to review from time to time.

  2. buy the bundle and own a bunch of c# courses i may or may not utilize for $120. Also if I’d learn another language anytime soon, I would much prefer python over c#.

  3. learn SQL elsewhere like online and i do the book PHP & MySQL: Server-side Web Development by john Duckett, but I see it’s a very basic overview of backend and doesn’t go as much in depth as mosh as i do love Mohs’s teaching style.

Has anyone else had this dilemma and please let me know your personal stories or advice

Wait for a sale is your only option should you insist on taking the course in here.
Myself I bought a book about SQL Server because I am currently working with it almost daily.

I am a .NET developer and I can tell you I love this language. But sure you are wise to focus on one language and know it well. There are quite a few things I do not understand with JS and because web is everywhere, it is an excellent choice of language. I wish you good luck.


Thanks. I’ve never seen it go on sale in the year I’ve been a student of mosh, so I will probably just have to learn on my own and say it is what it is.


For T-SQL there are courses on Microsoft Learn.
Maybe try to check if there is such platform on Oracle site to learn MySQL.

Just did a quick search

And if by any chance you’d like to try SQL Server. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Non exhaustive)


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