Job carrier as a Pythonista

Actually I have been learning python now over a year, but the truth is that I don’t know what to do with it. if anyone can help me to put me through what I can do as a carrier job. And I want you guys to test my knowledge on Python so that I can be a confidence of myself . I am seeking you guys help.
Here is my whatsapp number +2347062952756 or +2348100398497

I am sure you will find plenty of jobs out there if you search for “python developer” in the job market you are looking for. Minimally there should be some virtual positions these days if you are unwilling or unable to relocate for a job.

You can also look for open source projects to get your feet wet. GitHub usually has lots of these if you search around. Here is a page I just found full of Open Source python projects:

thanks for giving me response @jmrunkle, I don’t know if you can have me on your whatsapp, so that it be easier for me to ask you whatever I want.
Here is my Whatsapp number +2347062952756, or +2348100398497