How do you host the backend

I finished the course, and I would like to know how and where you host the app in order to share it with friends.


please I can’t find the answer on google, it’s for a future potential employer

I lightly heard of React Native as somewhat being the mobile counterpart to React, right ?
So the result of a React Native project is a mobile app, right?
If so you have an app for likely Android/iOS.
So you need to create yourself respective developer accounts on the targeted platforms.
I don’t know your financial situation but iOS is extremely costly. You need to pay for the access to the platform along with regular fees. Sure Apple makes good money.
On Google Play (Android) it may have changed but the last time I went there you have to pay $25 to create a developer account and then just you go crazy and do your stuff.

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Thank you very much, but I actually meant how do you host your app’s backend to Heroku or firebase, I already made an apk of the app but obviously, I can’t send it to anyone as they can’t reach the server address.
I tried running heroku create but it didn’t work

No one ever hosted their app on heroku?

Not me sorry. There was one course from Mosh that showcased that but I didn’t practice that part. You’ll certainly find help in the docs or YouTube.

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hey i want to do it as well, did you find how?

My backend API is written in PHP, and sits on a server with Apache and MySQL installed, I have the domain name going through Cloudflare, who can sort you out with a free SSL certificate (the green padlock in the browser) .