Where is the backend system for react native part 2?

Hello Mosh and community! Currently about to start the second part of the react-native series and I was wondering if the backend is included in the course??? I downloaded the source code but there is no backend…

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Backend setup is covered in Lesson 2 of the “Networking” section of Part 2 (“Advanced Concepts”) of the React Native course. There’s a zip file with the backend code you can download in that lesson.

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I am planning to buy the full course but have a confusion. Is the backend on a live server or on a local server(computer), means if i give the app to my friends would they be able to upload image and post? is the server live like firebase ? or just a dummy local server?

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Thank you! I noticed shortly after posting this. I appreciate it either way!

I am not sure. The backend also appeared to have data hard coded so I’m assuming we would need to set up our own database for storing data and retrieving it and stuff. I think a possible solution would be deploying the API ourselves to Heroku or something and simply changing the API urls so that the app actually begins querying the API running in the cloud and stuff. I hope that helps. It’ still worth it though. I’ve learned a ton already within the first section of the course. I plan on building react-native version for my django app: www.searchcpd.io.

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Hey, can someone help me send me the backend of advanced react native. I just discover I didn’t download it. My subscription ended. I really need it now. My email is kundegodfrey3@gmail.com. I really need help.

I emailed you a link. Please let me know if it worked for you.

Hi dpickut,
Could you please forward me link for it as well?
I got stuck on this part…

This is the link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.mobilemathapp.com/Backend.zip

It is on the AWS global CDN, but I’m not sure I have all geographic regions enabled. Please let me know if it works for you. If not, in what country are you located? (I can enable additional regions, if necessary.)

Hi @dpickut

I’m in the same predicament as @kunde, I’m in south Africa and I tried to access the link that you provided and I got an error, Access Denied. If you can help I’d greately appreciate it. My email is im_shambare@hotmail.com

I never heard back from kunde, so I assumed he’d retrieved the file – I took down the link a week ago.

I’ll put the link back up in a few hours.

Link should be working again.

Thank you
I’ve been able to retrieve the file.

:grin: Glad it worked for you. The AWS global CDN is a wonderful thing.

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Hey, @dpickut , I’d massively appreciate it if you could enable the global CDN to Kenya!

I verified that it is set for all edge locations on the CDN. Are you not able to download at the link? What type of message do you get?

@dpickut I managed to download the link. I guess what I’m asking is if there’s a way to move the local server to an online server so I can show this app to my friends. Will I have to change up some details from the settings.js (app>config>settings.js) file and the development.json(backend>config>development.json) file?

Since in the settings.js and development.json files, we have the apiUrls and the assetsBaseUrl set to the IP address of your computer.

Thanks for replying

Hello guys! I just started with the Backend section, where I downloaded the backend.zip folder. When I type in “npm i” I get lots of errors and warnings, that the files are deprecated. So with “node index.js” I got the same error, it shows me “MODULE_NOT:FOUND”. Do you have an idea what I can do to solve this issue?
Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

Yes, that can be done, but there’s some complexity to deploying to a free hosting service. Here’s a reference: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Server-side/Express_Nodejs
Part 7 of the tutorial covers deployment and includes an example using a specific free service (Heroku).

Thanks so much, that’s super helpful.