Having problems playing videos 18, 19, 27 and 34 of the Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series

Having problems playing videos 18, 19, 27 and 34 of the part 3 of Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series. Anyone facing the same troubles?


As you can easily see, yes:

I did already report that to the codewithmosh-team.


Thank you, I wish it would be fixed sooner :pray:

Awesome, thanks SAM. Just to be sure if the issue was with Teachable or not, i downloaded the video file and played it locally but it never played. So it has to be reuploaded. Hoping we get help soon.


I have received an email from the support team and it said these videos are currently being processed for playback by Teachable right now and should be available soon.


:pray: thank you Prez.

Unfortunately they don’t work yet.

Unfortunately still not. This is a drawback on the side of the Teachable team.


Hmm, problem still there.

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Am wondering if code with Mosh has support staff(s) or teaching assistant(s) that follows up with comments here. If not he should consider making a provision for that to help manage technical hitches like this. Its really frustrating when students get stuck with no one to bail you out especially when other students do not have answers to learn from in the forum.

The support team of code with Mosh is suppose to constantly be in touch with Teachable to fix this technical issues. When i emailed the support team, i was told that the playback issue is being processed and that was 2 days ago and till this moment it still hasn’t being fixed. A follow up by code with Mosh support team on Teachable would easily fix this problem except there is a bigger a problem that Teachable team would need some time to fix.


The same with me… I just came to writte the same thing, when I saw your post.
Cant play those video to… Hope they fixe it soon.

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I agree 100% with you Prez its really frustrating as students deal with this. In my case, I have monthly subscription that will end very soon (7 days) and im not sure if they will solve this problem before my subscription end.

And in the country were im from with all this economic and pandemic situation is not easy get money to pay this courses. I really love Mosh and his courses are best investments I ever made on my career but if they dont solve this issue soon, I will have to sacrifice another month $$$.

I hope they solve as fast as possible…

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:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :clap:

Am sorry to hear of your situation Dimanjeje. I really do hope they fix it soonest so that we can make the most of our subscription. Its taking longer than expected.

I do have a set time to finish the HTML CSS course so that i can move on to JavaScript but this is already eating into my subscription and study timeline.

The issue is still there :frowning:

yes, unfortunately :thinking:

those have been fixed. :heart_eyes: :pray:


Finally Yesss!


Oh Yeah ! Get back to work folks !! :smiley: