Having problems playing videos 18, 19, 27 and 34 of the Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series

Great!! Lets finished this then… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and move on to Javascript and Angular

Awesome! We got this! :muscle:t5:

The videos now play but the “Download” link for video 34 (“Showcase Block”) is disabled thus not allowing offline viewing.
Really poor support on their end. Very disappointing.

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I didn’t face such problem btw

Logging with other system or mobile and try it again

I have tried it on multiple machines and my mobile device. “Download” shows but is not enabled. Clicking on it does nothing. “Download” is enabled and works on ALL the other videos.

After I posted this, I received an email from tech support stating that the link has been re-enabled. I went to the video page and the link has indeed been re-enabled and I was able to download the video for Chapter 34 (“Showcase Block”). Thanks to all.

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Great to hear that the support team fixed that very timely.

hey bro! i have a problem in in playing the videos for the entire program kindly assist, in other words i cant access the ultimate html5 & css3 series. kindly help in earnest


Hi @Prez , Can I find those video? Could you send me those video over gmail: qthanh18tn@gmail.com? Thank you so much.