Lost progresses and videos are not playable

from this morning (march 6, CET) I lost all progresses on my courses and I can’t play any video, if I try to choose a lesson I get a blank page, anyone has same problem? How to solve?

I tried with two different browsers and logging out and in again.

Try to contact Mosh’s Team, and explain your issue.

Hope it helps!

Ok, I’ll try to contact them, thank you!

Try to force a reload of the page (Ctrl-F5).

Already tried, doesn’t work… :frowning:

same problem here. no video will load. i can download the videos. but nothing plays in browser.

Spooky. No problem at all here. Try to open the console in the developer tools of your browser an reload the page to see if there are any error messages.

I apologize, I disabled my pi-hole (ad blocker) and not it works. odd it never happened before and i have always had pi–hole enabled. Thanks for the quick response.

I can confirm that the problem probably is due to Pi-Hole (no problem until yesterday)…

Disabling it videos work, I’ll try inserting codewithmosh.com and teachable.com in white list.

i found adding “fast.wistia.com” to whitelist fixes it.

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