Error in videos

I can’t play my videos and I don’t know why?..anyone can please help me with this issue.

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No problems here.

Try different browser.
Do you get an error?
Bad internet connection? Do you have problems Youtube or any other streaming service?

I notice the same issue. I tried incognito and tried disabling the ad blockers but no luck.

Other video platforms work fine for me. Don’t see any error in the console or on the page.

Google Chrome is up to date (Version 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Tired different browsers and machines as well.

Even i am facing the same issue.
I am not able to play any course videos on any browser on any device.
I dont know what is wrong and why its happening only to a few people.

Looks like there’s a workaround for this issue.

Click on the video from the list and copy the ‘Download’ link at the bottom of the page.

Now open the copied URL in a new tab and the video should start playing.

Until the issue is fixed, try this (considering this is a weekend :slight_smile: )

Thanks mate👍
This method is working

Thank you very much :+1:
I did this method and the video is playing, however the site is not counting completion.
I made progress of 21 per-cent, Then I watched 3 - 4 videos, However the completion is not added. I will wait patiently until it’s ready. Hope it gets ready soon :clock8::clock8: