Can't play videos

I have purchased 6 courses, from yesterday i can’t play any of the videos of these courses. It says forbidden 403, what’s going on? It needs to be fixed soon. I have a few interviews lined up, need to practice hard.

Please fix this asap. How do i contact admin?

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I couldn’t get access too!

@codewithmosh - can you help these users?

Perhaps you all can also provide more specific details: are you having a problem accessing any videos or just some? In either case, can you share a specific video that is getting the error. Support may also need your account to be able to help look into this (which I think is just your email address that you use to login).

Also some other basics: does the problem persist if you close and reopen the website? How about if you clear cookies? Lastly, “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Hope you are able to get your issue resolved!

Hello all!

We are so sorry you’re unable to play you’re videos. We’ve alerted Teachable to the issue and they should hopefully fix it soon. You can also reach out to them to troubleshoot directly at