ERROR 503 when trying to access videos

Getting 503 error trying to access videos on part 2 of The Ultimate Django Series.

I’m able to download the videos and view them that way.

Teachable is having issues… just wait till they resolve them.

Thanks for the information Casey, I was hoping something hadn’t happened to the site.

I just started having this issue while I’m taking the Javascript course.

Yes, I am having this issue as well on the SQL Mastery course. I’ve been taking this for several weeks and suddenly not able to stream the videos. I appreciate any update on when this will be resolved in Teachable :wink:


Same here i am getting same error.

@codewithmosh - looks like a significant number of people seeing this issue.

Hi all,

We are so sorry about this and thank you for letting us know! We have alerted Teachable and they are working on this.

In the meantime we recommend using a different browser and clearing your cache.

Thank you for your patience!

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