Problem with the checkmark on videos

hi. i am having a problem. every time i complete a video. there is no check mark on the video and the video is on a loop. plz help


Same here! It won’t complete for me either :frowning:

The same thing is happening to me. Even if I click on “Complete and Continue” it still points me to the same lesson. I cleared my cache - it didn’t help.

Same here!
Looks like the Error occured with the new Video “Learning Paths” (Course: Complete Python Mastery, Chapter: 1- Getting Started)

I think the error occurs anywhere - I am stuck with
“10- Exercise- Prototypical Inheritance” of the “Ultimate JavaScript Part 2: Advanced Topics” course.

Same here, It’s stuck in JS for beginners, the 23rd lecture, exercise 7 - Movies. It does not go forward, it keeps repeating the same lecture and the completed percentage does not increase.

I have the same problems. There is no checkmark and the video starts again and again

same issue with me sir kindly help

It works for me now.

same with python course

Hi all! We are so sorry that you were experiencing issues with video completion yesterday. There was an issue with our host Teachable yesterday, and they have solved the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you so much!