Exercises in the Java language

Hello everyone,

I start my way in java…

Do you have a recommended site that presents questions in java

I find myself learning but not being able to practice what I learn

You can to whatever you want to practice.
Best of all is do your own project.
Start small.

Now you can practice on sites such as

And certainly many more.

Good luck.

You will not be disappointed my friend. Try W3Resources Java challenges .

I use Code Wars, LeetCode, HackerRank, CoderByte, Coding Games, TopCoder, LearnCodingFast, CodeRanch, CodePip, and others. But, for a beginner, W3Resources is the practice site to go. It is straightforward, does not rely on online IDE, you could answer questions in any order, and covers every single aspect of coding in Java from absolute very basics to absolutely advance. You’re welcome.