Enum.Parse rollout not working


I am pretty new here so pardon me if this problem has been discussed. I tried to use the searchbar and google and found nothing.

I am at Demo: Enums in the Non-Primitive types section in The Ultimate C# Series: Part 1.

I am using System; as Mosh is pointing out too.

When I type Enum, I do not get a system related Enum, and when I finish it, it does not give me the same rollout as in the video.

Thank you for your time!

Found the solution. The namespace was called Enum, and thus interferred the Enum in the System. So I changed the namespace and Enum.Parse worked perfectly

Other than Mosh you named your namespace Enum so this name overlays the imported class name. Whenever you use an unqualified identifier the compiler uses the declaration closest to the scope in which you use it.

You can still use the qualified name System.Emum to use the Enum class.