Can't find References in my solution explorer

On the C# Intermediate Access Modifier lecture, I need to find my reference folder for the Access Modifiers namespace and add another reference to it.

If you look at Moshes solution you can see the references.

But if you look at mine, there’s no references whatsoever.

I’ve tried highlighting the namespace, right-clicked, selected “Find All References”, and it won’t show much of anything. Plus there’s no “Add Reference” option.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Your project is a .NET core project while Mosh’s is a .NET Framework project. .NET core projects have a “Dependencies” category that is a little bit more structured but does basically the same as the “References” category in .NET Framework projects. If you drill down the “Dependencies” tree you will see that the references there have the same icons as the references in Mosh’s project.

Okay got it. I decided to re-do it in .NET Framework. I’m guessing Mosh uses .NET Framework for the entire course?

Right. It’s one of his early courses. But already really good. The later courses are even better.

Okay I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for your help!