Visual Studio Versions

Hey all- so i just signed up for the beginner ‘Asp.Net MVC’ and right iff the bat, i was surprised that the course was using VS 2013 which I dont think is even supported. Im using VS 2022 and i dont have the ‘App Data’ folder in my Solutions Explorer.
is this an issue??

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Same dude! It’s literally impossible to follow the course anymore

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Many courses were made quite some time ago.
It may make some steps difficult. I’ve been through there.
But remember that as a dev you have to seek solutions.
Hence I spent some time googling for information, adapting things.
I know it can be frustrating but keep calm and see it as a challenge to overcome.

About the App_Data folder it is present on ASP .NET MVC projects.
Very likely the course is still using .NET Framework or early versions of .NET Core.

There is a context menu that helps create it if it is not there. You’ll find there are other folders that were not created. Why would you if you don’t need them ?

That said if you are not using an instance of SQL Server and for convenience it is cool to have this App_Data folder. I did create it manually so this is perfectly fine to do it this way.

Good luck.

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