Entry level Part Time Java coder

Hello, I’m looking to apply for a part time Java coder. Any suggestions about which places to apply?

What country are you looking to work in? And do you have any particular areas of interest? I highly recommend looking for a company that works on a product you actually have some interest in since it will help sustain your enthusiasm for the work.

I’m looking to in US. I have interest in Back End developing.

I more meant, what sort of industry are you interested in? For example:

  • Healthcare
  • Social networks
  • Gaming
  • Finance

That sort of thing.

Then look for a company hiring backend developers in that area.

Lots of US companies have opened up to virtual employees (as long as you are still in the US) due to COVID so you may not even have to relocate.

I’m interested in Gaming.

Then you should look into some of the big name game developers first (think Sony, Tencent, Microsoft, Nintendo, Blizzard, etc). See if any of them are hiring entry level Java backend developers. If those big names do not pan out you should start looking for a smaller local gaming company (which will depend on where exactly you live in the US). For example, Mythical Games is in Los Angeles and Rockstar Games is in New York if you happen to live near those (or are willing to relocate).

Not to put too much of a damper on your enthusiasm, but I will warn you that the gaming industry can be brutal on employees because the work is often feast then famine. Also, these companies will often hire a large number of engineers for a gaming contract, ask you to work very long hours and then move onto a new batch of engineers for the next gaming contract. Burnout can be very high in the gaming industry (partly because so many people want to work in it). I have coworkers who left big gaming companies to come work at my company due to the burnout. That could just be their experience, but I figured you should be aware up front.