Emojis in print statement?

Just started the ‘Complete Python Mastery’ course and the in the very first Python Example line of code, print("Hello World ") after World he says to insert a happy persian cat. I assume this is some Emojis inserted in the text but no explanation how to do this. Why is this thrown into an ‘absolute beginner’ course without some explanation of how to insert these and more importantly, exactly how do I do this? Thanks for any enlightment on this?
Jerry jercook@comcast.net

hit your windows key then period…
It will bring up the vs code for emoji’s

There are also several emoji extensions in the marketplace.

Thanks for the question I realized the project I am on really stinks as I spent about an hour researching this instead…

sometimes you need to bring sand to the beach

Thanks so much for your response. I don’t understand that if this needed to be included, the simple one line explanation on how to do it would have saved me the time to request and wait for a response on the forum as well as your time could have been saved. Because of this and another problem a few videos late that are too complicated to try to explain on the forum have convinced me to request a refund. I’m too new with Python and the IDE’s to spend all my time figuring out how to do what he says. Thanks again. Jerry

I struggled with python and getting the damn right linter but in that struggle i have learned more than the lesson taught.

with this question I learned that I can name my database with emoji’s Which has added a bit of levity to my work… I asked the DBA if there was database corruption… and got a good laugh at the complete goldfish look he returned. :rofl:

I told my boss the t :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: was a secret database i discovered that had the design of our companies new project that everyone has tried to information about… he damn near fell out of his chair.

In life the only way to get experience is to experience things good bad ugly everything makes you more knowledgeable than you were before.

The thing you need to do is learn from more than one instructor. I use UDemy and youtube as well.

I like Mosh because he teaches like reading a dictionary. I just want to see the techniques done no frills.

Don’t give up man the courses are cheap If you want someone to learn with hit me up. I got about 45% of the way through before life took me away but I am starting over now

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Thank you for the instruction. I am a complete novice and I am not getting any emojis when I click the windows key. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Can you help?

Hello Ruth,

It is Window key + “.”

The double quotes around the period doesn’t need to be entered. Mosh is using a Mac so the emoji set is going to be a little different. The point is to demonstrate using a multiplication operator will multiple the string, when using number and string types as the operands.

You can replace the emoji with any string and it will produce the same outcome.

print(“hello” * 3) will give you “hellohellohello”, and so forth. Hope this helps.