Does this course have coding exercises?

I bought a few courses from mosh. And I can say that a lot of his courses doesn’t have enough coding exercises to play around. So, is this course have a lot of coding exercises to get my hands dirtyy?? Thankssss

All of the sections up through decorators have at least some exercises to practice the concepts but I would more call them “quizzes” rather than exercises.

It is one of the weak points of this course because it would be nice to have a mini project for each section or maybe one larger project that you build up over the whole course.

That being said, it is usually not hard to find exercises to practice any language. For example, just try to solve standard programming interview questions in your new language and you will quickly find out what you still need practice with and what you need to learn.

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Oh thanks for the reply. I’ll just learn this then proceed to DSA.