Django vs Laravel

Hello, mates, I have taken a few courses on Mosh He is a great teacher. In the last two months, I have learned python and now I am on Django which I was picked to use as a back-end for my projects it is the first back-end framework I am learning. Unfortunately, I got hired as a dev on a startup company which is an e-commerce platform it is written in laravel and PHP and the problem is I had never learned PHP before what should I do also I am in the last year of the university. Thanks

You often end up needing to learn languages specific to your job so this is fairly normal. I would start by just figuring out the basics of Laravel and PHP online. Once you know one language there are a lot of things that translate from one language to another. Mostly you have to learn new syntax.

You can also look for quick overview tutorials and videos that cover the distinct things about a new language like PHP. From there you can usually figure out where the language’s documentation is to learn even more.

Once you know the basics you can probably just start working and then lookup stuff you need to know as you find it. If you are a junior dev, you will probably also find other senior devs on the team you can get code reviews from to help increase your learning.

Best of luck!


Thanks in advance that’s true I will do my best