Django performance optimization course?

Hello guys,

I found an odd article that says Django can handle 100 requests per second.

That’s way too small … I really doubt if that’s true.

I mean, then how could Instagram and Bitbucket use Django? they have to handle billions of requests per day.

While there are big companies like Bitbucket that claim they’re using Django,

there are still some weird benchmarks that say Django is super slow.

I’m not sure who’s right?

How can I make my Django app handle 40k requests per second?

Why is Djagno documentation missing these info?

I know Redis caching helps but I want to know more about server and hardware configs that can enable Django to handle massive amount of requests per second. what are the exact steps to achieve 50k requests per second with Django?

It would be great if Mosh can make a tutorial on this!

Thanks in advance