Course on using the terminal

I notice that frequently new students struggle to use the terminal. It may be a good idea to have a bash (or zsh) overview course to teach the basics of using the command line. In an ideal world, it would cover Windows as well, but at least covering bash would be a big improvement (I really wish they had enabled WSL by default for Windows 10+). If the course covered how to enabled WSL on Windows 10+ that would also make this a non-issue since you can basically just know bash and be fine.

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I agree with @jmrunkle. There are a ton of posts about nearly identical issues, such as the “Why is my code not running in the terminal”.

If the possibility of having a dedicated course on using terminals is not in the cards, then perhaps this forum should have dedicated read-only topics to act as consistent central repositories for topics like code editors, IDEs, terminals, and common questions and answers for various courses. It would be nice to be able to point a user to a unified resource, rather than either not help them, or type the same answer out repetitively.


The Docker course comes with a 65 minutes introduction to the Linux command line.

Maybe the section from the Docker course could be included in other courses or made its own course (perhaps even a free one that everyone can access)?

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I agree - a course like this definitely sounds like a great idea.

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