New docker courses

Hi, just bought the new Docker courses and noticed that subtitles are not available ? Is it possible to fix that ?

Hi Larry, Welcome :slight_smile:
I’ve noticed the same thing and written to Mr Hamedani via Twitter but still no answer. Anyway I think that his team will add them soon. It has been just published right now.

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Hi Annadema :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question :slight_smile:
I started the course and for the moment it is not annoying not having the subtitle because Mosh is speaking really clearly :slight_smile:

But still, for non native speakers, like I am, it is interesting having the subtitles avaiblable for technical words :slight_smile:

I hoep you enjoy the course !

Yes, I agree with you. Mr Hamedani talks a very understandable English. I don’t have problem to follow him but I need the transcript to take notes of the lessons. I will follow this course in the future. I hope you enjoy the course too :slight_smile: